Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Inglenook - Revealed!

Hello and happy new year! Thank you for those of you emailing me and reminding to post on Nest Egg, I know it's been a while but things a little busy here! Some very happy news to share is that my husband is finally home after 6 months away in Afghanistan. This is a huge relief and I'm so happy to have him around especially to help with the next phase of the house renovation.

Okay, so where have we got to? The builders started in late November on the structural work which involved putting a steel frame around the interior of the whole house and a new steel ridge across the top which meant taking the whole roof off and rebuilding it. They have done an AMAZING job and I cannot recommend Barrie Fettes at Highland Homes enough. If you're in Bedfordshire or around this way, look them up because they have been brilliant. Their work is immaculate, they are neat, tidy, cheerful (even in the worst bit when it rained with the roof off), they work their arses off and to top it off are very reasonably priced. We have been thrilled to bits with what they have done. 

So, we now start at the top and work our work down. I think insulating is the first job upstairs and cleaning and painting the exposed chimney up there. I will try and post some photos this week as I'm sure this doesn't make much sense. 

But, anyway, back to the inglenook. 

This is what it looked like when we moved in. We thought there might be an inglenook lurking underneath...

Some light demolition work. 

This is with most of the plasterwork removed. At this point we could see the beam above the fireplace and that the bricks were difference inside so we ploughed on. 

By this point we had removed the two sides of the inglenook under the supervision of the structural engineer (not alfie pug obviously). It was a very exciting day as we weren't 100% sure what we would find underneath. We left the main section intact as this was supporting some of the weight of the chimney. 

!!! The builders then removed the middle section and the back wall which was crumbling anyway so that they could get in and insert an interior brick wall and a piece of steel across the top (inside) to support the chimney. They also took away the wall to the left of the chimney, I think they said it pretty much fell away as it was in really bad shape. You may have also noticed there are no longer any floors, these all had to be ripped out and put back in. 

This is the progress as they were building. 

And this is it virtually finished, the steel bar in front is now inserted inside behind the beam. I'm going to use a special wash to lighten the new bricks and the plaster work will wrap around but leave the interior brick exposes. It still looks a bit of a mess, but it's exciting to see the progress.

I just wrote a post over on the west egg blog about putting in a log burning stove, if any of you have experience of open fires vs log burning stoves I would be very interested to hear from you! 

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